A major part of our church's ministry focus has been partnering with home and cross-cultural church planters and those who assist them in vital ministry roles. We are blessed to be partnered with individuals and families taking the gospel to the nations, and making disciples. Each year we set aside the month of October to focus on church planting endeavors at home and abroad. During this time, we encourage our members to purposely endeavor to prioritize giving to missions in the upcoming year. Each year, a significant portion of our church budget is set aside specifically for missions. Here is a list of the families and individuals with whom we are partnered as extensions of our church's ministry.

  • October 2020: Exalting christ to those in crisis

    We are looking forward to a wonderful mission's conference this October. Our current schedule has three Skype reports from current ABC missionaries as well as weekly Q and A and preaching sessions with six other missionary couples or individuals! Let's pray that God will open new doors for our church to continue to expand its mission's partnerships. 

  • Chapman family

    The Chapmans serve as church planters in Peru. Click here to learn more about the Chapman family. 

  • Collingwood Family

    The Collingwoods serve in national leadership training the Philippines.

  • Moore Family

    The Moores are sent out of our church and serving as church planters in Ireland. Learn about the Moore's and their field here.

  • sandahl Family

    The Sandahls serve as church planting missionaries in Dresden, East Germany.    Click here to learn more about them.


  • Shipe Family

    The Shipes serve as church planting missionaries in Tanzania. For more information about their work, please see their website here.

  • snyder Family

    David Snyder currently serves as President and General Director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. Read more about the Snyder's here.

  • Bruce Tuttle

    Bruce Tuttle serves as administrator of the Pastors Training Institute in Ukraine. Learn more about Bruce Tuttle here.

  • Williams Family

    The Williams serve are church planters in New Zealand. For more information about their work see their website here.


  • wright family

    The Wrights serve are church planters in Uganda, East Africa. Learn more about the needs of Uganda here

  • zimmer family


    The Zimmers serve as church planters in Palau.

  • Missionaries in sensitive areas

    We support several church planters and individuals focused on training national pastors and church leaders in sensitive areas. Due to the nature of their ministries, we do not publicly post their ministry information of updates. 

  • Baltimore Rescue Mission

    The Baltimore Rescue Mission serves as a vital ministry ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of homeless men, women and children in Baltimore. In addition to running weekly services in the mission, we are also financial partners. You can find information about their ministry here.

  • Latin America Church Plants

    BEME Latin America,  serves as a ministry to help churches in the states assist national pastors who have been seminary trained and are actively involved in starting independent, indigenous works. Over the years, our church has been able to help numerous churches plants throughout Latin America get on their feet with two year startup support. We are thankful for these sister churches in Latin America. 

  • Maranatha Baptist seminary

    Maranatha Baptist Seminary provides a seminary education to those called by God to leadership in Baptist churches as "pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and servants in other church-centered ministries. " Learn more about MBS here.