Leaders in training 2021

Topic: Walking in the lord's Will

For Christians of all ages, the world has changed dramatically over the course of 2020 and 2021. Yet while so much has changed, one constant remains: God is accomplishing His will regardless of what is happening in the world. That is an encouraging truth which should be reinforced in our minds as believers. That is the encouraging truth which we want to impart to our young people this year at our 2021 Leaders in Training Youth Conference.

What is lit?

Leaders in Training (LiT) is an annual youth conference aimed at informing and edifying young people as they grow in the Lord. At LiT, speakers preach and teach to teens and their youth workers about current events and issues facing Christian young people. Our speakers will help young people look at these issues from a Biblical, Christian perspective, while also providing them an opportunity to learn about Christian summer camps and Christian colleges to help them plan for the future.

Pastors, Youth Pastors, and Group Sponsors also benefit by being able to learn about current issues, connect with others in the ministry, and have a great time of fellowship with their young people!

Best of all, LiT is a single day jam-packed with skits, activities, preaching, teaching, singing, and so much more! Come and join us Saturday, December 4!

Why go to lit?

At LiT, teens and adults will not only benefit from the preaching and teaching, but they will also be given opportunities to meet and greet with other youth groups, youth workers, and pastors!

Also, representatives from several Christian colleges will be available to provide information and answer questions for teens seeking God's will for their future. It is a great opportunity for them as they prepare for their life's calling in serving our Lord Jesus Christ!

In addition to our college reps, we will have representatives from various camps to help get our teens  informed and excited for the upcoming camp season!

Who can i expect?

Our speakers will be Anchor Baptist's Pastor Joel Porcher, and Dr. Rand Hummel, Camp Director of the Wilds of New England.

Rand Hummel and his wife Amber have been a part of The Wilds family since 1978. Rand worked as Assistant Director and Program Director for over 20 years in North Carolina before God laid a burden on their hearts for a ministry here in New England where they have been for the last 10 years.

Rand holds a B.A. in Bible and received an Honorary Doctorate from Bob Jones University in 2002. When camp is not in session, Rand travels widely across the United States preaching and encouraging teens and adults alike to fear God by respecting His holiness, hating what He hates, and loving what He loves. Rand and Amber have two adult children and three grandchildren. To see more about Dr. Hummel, please visit The Wilds of New England website!

Pastor Joel Porcher has served as the senior pastor at Anchor Baptist Church since 2018.  After completing his seminary training in 2008, he worked on staff at Anchor for 2 years before serving as a church planting missionary in Ghana, West Africa, until being called to pastor Anchor Baptist. 

Joel and his wife Deanna, have five children.

Where do i sign up?

Pastors, youth pastors, or group sponsors can use the link below to fill out a form for signing up their entire group collectively. To ensure that everything is planned and ready for you upon arrival, please register no later than November 7! We are so excited to have you join us!

Sponsors, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP your group!

If you would like to see what LiT was like last year, check out one of our videos from the live stream!