Current Covid Nursery Protocols

We are very thankful that we have come to the time where we believe we can resume our nursery safely. It is our desire to minister to mothers by allowing them to have a safe, friendly place to leave their children while they have an opportunity to hear God’s Word without distraction. We are taking the safety of our church family very seriously, and therefore, we are adopting new measures to help prevent the spread of COVID in our church.

  • Age of Children. In order to limit the number of children in the room, nursery will only be for infants up until their second birthday.

  • Check in procedures.

    • Before entering the nursery please stop at the desk out front. There you will answer a basic health screening questionnaire, and each child will have their temperature taken.

    • All workers must have their temperature checked and be 100% free of any cold/flu/COVID like symptoms.

    • If your child or anyone in the family has had COVID like symptoms (fever, cough, etc.) or been exposed to someone with COVID like symptoms in the last 48 hours, they are not allowed into the nursery.

    • After the health screening, one parent may come into the nursery to drop off their children. Please write down any special requests for the caregivers.

    • All children's hands must be sanitized as soon as they enter the nursery.

  • Masks are required at all times for all workers.

  • Workers must wear a nursery smock and take off their shoes upon entering the nursery.

  • When holding a child please use a clean burp cloth to protect your smock and change it for a new one every time you pick up a new child.

  • Snack time

    • Children will only be allowed to have bottles, drinks, and snacks if they are being held or sitting in a high chair. Children can not walk around holding cups and bottles. When they are done eating, the cups and bottles need to be put back away in the cubby, not left on the counter.

    • Workers are not to bring in outside food and drinks into the nursery.

  • Diaper changing

    • Workers must wear gloves and wash hands following diaper changes.

    • Wash the infant's hands after a diaper change.

  • Toy cleaning

    • Any toys put in the mouth must be put in the dirty toy bucket as soon as the child is done playing with it.

    • Every toy must be cleaned after each service, Please do not leave the nursery with toys in the dirty bucket.

  • Pick up

    • Only one parent should come in to pick up the children. 

    • Please only one family at a time in the nursery lobby.

  • Disinfecting. Please disinfect the following:

    • All toys

    • Swings

    • Door latches

    • TV remote

    • Light switches

    • Door handles

    • Cubbies

    • Jumpers

    • Pagers

Thank you for your flexibility,

Pastor Joel

Check in Procedure for Nursery

  1. Please arrive 20 min prior to the start of the service.

  2. Set out the clipboard, pagers, thermometer, and tablet on the check in table.

  3. Welcome child and parents. If you don’t recognize them, ask them if it is their first time in the nursery, If so give them an information card to fill out.

  4. Take the child's temperature. The temperature gun must be no more than 2” away from the forehead. If it is above 99.4 they are not allowed in the nursery.

  5. Please notify the coordinator if a child registers a fever. 

  6. Ask if the child or anyone in the family has had any COVID like symptoms in the last 24 hours; if not, they can continue to check in.

  7. Mark the child present on the Breeze tablet.

  8. Ask if there are any special instructions for changing, feeding, or sleeping, and write it down on the clipboard.

  9. Hand the parent a pager and write down the number on the chart.

  10. Only one parent should enter the nursery lobby with their child, not other siblings.

  11. Please remain at the table until 5 min after the start of the service time. When leaving please move all the check in supplies back into the nursery in the top right cubby. Extra pagers can go back into the charger.

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