anchor kids

Children are lovingly shepherded into a relationship with Jesus Christ through God's Word in all of our children's Sunday School classes, Wednesday night "Truth Trackers" Bible clubs, and Children's Church services. Each summer, our children also have the opportunity to attend a Christian camp, as well as participate in our exciting Vacation Bible School!

  • Sunday School - 2 and 3's

    FAll Quarter (Sept - Nov)

    Join our precious 2 and 3 year old's as they learn -

    Title: Obedience; God’s Gifts; Thanksgiving

    Bible Truths: Obedience (Noah and the ark); God’s Gifts (God’s provision for the Israelites); Thanksgiving (the Feast of Tabernacles; thanking God)

    Bible Passages: Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Deuteronomy; 1 Chronicles; Nehemiah; Job; Psalms; Matthew; Acts; 1 Peter

    Course Description: Twos and threes will learn that obedience pleases God, that God provides for us, and that we should thank God. The children will be encouraged to obey and to give thanks.

  • Sunday School - Pre-Primary (4 & 5)

    FAll quarter (Sept - Nov)

    Join our 4 and 5 years old's this Fall!

    Title: Kindness; Helpfulness; Prayer

    Bible Truths: Kindness (stories about David); Helpfulness (stories about Elisha); Prayer

    Bible Passages: Genesis; 1, 2 Samuel; 2 Kings; Nehemiah; Psalms; Proverbs; Matthew; Luke; Galatians; Ephesians

    Course Description: Pre-Primary children will learn about Bible people who were kind, were helpful, and sought God in prayer. Students will have opportunities to practice kindness and helpfulness and will be encouraged to talk to God in prayer.

  • Sunday School - Primary (Grades 1 & 2)

    Fall Quarter - (Sept - Nov)

    Anchor's Primary (Grades 1 & 2) Sunday School class will be studying -

    Title: Learning about God

    Bible Truths: Our Awesome God (God’s absolute attributes); Our Personal God (God’s relational attributes); Our Trustworthy God (God’s characteristics)

    Bible Passages: Genesis; Ruth; 1 Samuel; additional passages

    Course Description: Primary students will learn the absolute attributes of God; discover God’s relationship with man; and realize that God is good, loving, unchanging, merciful, faithful, patient, true, and just. Students will understand that God is the only One Who can offer atonement for sin. They will demonstrate an understanding of Who God is.

  • Sunday School -Juniors (Grades 3 - 6)

    Fall quarter (Sept - Nov)

    Come and join in with our 3rd thru 6th grade class as they learn about -

    Title: Worshiping and Praying to God

    Bible Truths: Understanding Worship; Worshiping God; Praying to God

    Bible Passages: Leviticus; 2 Kings; 1 Chronicles; Daniel; Matthew; Acts; Romans; 1 Corinthians; Ephesians; Philippians; Colossians; 2 Timothy; Revelation

    Course Description: As junior students learn about the importance of worship and prayer, both in their personal and church life, they will be challenged to participate in worship and to develop a consistent prayer life.

  • Junior Camp at rapidan baptist camp

    Rapidan Baptist Camp (click here for their website) is a fun filled Christian camp that delivers the message of Christ in a fun way and helps build relationships that will last a lifetime. Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Madison County, Virginia, Rapidan isn't far from home!   2017 Camp will be July 17-21st with Todd Svinksty.

  • Patch the pirate club

    Wednesday nights during the summer, children ages 4 through grade 6 gather together for Patch the Pirate Club. Patch the Pirate Club is a weekly children’s discipleship program that uses Scripture memory, daily devotions, songs, games, mission’s moments, silly stories and Bible lessons to focus on building Christ-like character.   This program will begin on May 31st, 2017.

    Christmas in July at Patch

    July 19th, at 7pm

  • Truth trackers

    Wednesday nights during the school year, children ages 4 through grade 6 gather together for Truth Trackers.   September 6 kicks off our new session. Come and join our team!   See you there! 

    Truth Trackers systematically and purposefully disciples children. We believe children can and need to learn the basics of the Christian faith. We accomplish this with weekly memory verses, daily devotions, weekly lessons, and fun activities. In Truth Trackers, children enjoy learning and applying Biblical truth!


  • Vacation bible school

    Vacation Bible School is an exciting way for kids to learn about the Bible through games, stories, crafts, skits, singing and preaching. Children enjoy a week of non-stop adventure!  2017 June 26th - 30th  

    Check out VBS 2017 here!

  • Children's church

    Sunday mornings during the preaching service, children ages 4 - 7 head off to their own time of learning God's Word. Children sing bible songs, hear a bible lesson geared to their age group, and enjoy a craft time.

    This year, the children will be studying God's Judges.