Our missionaries

Anchor supports a number of missionaries faithfully carrying out the Great Commission around the world.

  • BIEM Latin America

    Pastor Counterman serves as the director for Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries (BIEM)  Latin America, recruiting and interviewing pastors for Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries' endeavor to train and underwrite national pastors in Latin American countries. Click here to read the January prayer letter. 

    Spring 2017 Newsletter

    Summer 2017

  • Tim Chapman family

    The Chapmans serve as evangelists in Peru. Click here to learn more about the Chapman family. 

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  • Brad & bonnie Collingwood

    The Collingwoods serve in the Philippines.  Read their October - December 2016 letter.

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    Oct/Nov 2017

  • Wilber huillca

    Wilbur is a missionary to Cusco, Peru with BIEM South America. Click HERE for his latest newsletter.   Click here for photos of the church building he is currently praying to buy.

    Read September 2017 Newsletter

  • Maranatha Baptist seminary

    Maranatha Baptist Seminary provides a seminary education to those called by God to leadership in Baptist churches as "pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and servants in other church-centered ministries. " Learn more about MBS here.

  • Josh & Annie Moore

    The Moores are preparing to undertake mission work in Ireland. Learn about the Moores and their field here.

    Read their February prayer letter.





  • J. Omar Munoz Family

    Omar will be planting a church in Bogota, Colombia with  BIEM South America.  Please click here to read his latest newsletter.

    August - September

  • Joel porcher family

    The Porchers are missionaries to Ghana, West Africa. Click here to visit their website.

  • Joel and joleen sandahl

    The Sandahls serve as  missionaries to Eastern Germany in Dresden.    Click here to learn more about them.


  • Dave snyder Family

    David Snyder currently serves as President and General Director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. Read more about the Snyder's here.

    Read their December - January prayer letter.

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  • Bruce Tuttle

    Bruce Tuttle serves as administrator of the Pastors Training Institute in Ukra, Ukraine. Learn more about Bruce Tuttle here. Read his June 2016 newsletter prayer letter.  

    March 2017 Newsletter here.

    August 2017

  • Jeff Williams Family

    The Williams are missionaries to New Zealand. Click here to access their website.

    Read their January  prayer letter.

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  • Nate wright family

    The Wrights are missionaries to Uganda, East Africa. Learn more about the needs of Uganda here. Read January-March  prayer letter.

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  • John zimmer family

    The Zimmers serve as missionaries in the Republic of Palau. Click here to learn more about their ministry.   Read their latest prayer letter .

  • Missionaries in sensitive areas

    Anchor supports a number of missionaries serving in sensitive areas around the world.

  • Reuben Villar Terrel

    Reuben Villar Terrel is working in Lima, Peru with BIEM Latin America. Find out Reuben's current news August 2017

    September 2017